WELCOME to my Dark Abyss...

Welcome to Dark Abyss, Cat's shrine to the anime series, Gasaraki. Here you can find information on the series and downloads related to it.

just a little NOTE . . .

Dark Abyss is a mostly static site now. I will still accept fan submissions and might pop in for an update once in a while, but for the most part, you probably shouldn't expect many updates anymore.

of the PAST . . .

01/29/11 - What's this? An actual update?
Many thanks to Laura for the new fan art! It's beautiful so please be sure to check it out =D

05/21/10 - Just some maintanence
Sorry, no content updates today! I fixed some broken links that I had on the definitions page and removed a few sections: Buying, Songs, Guestbook. The Links page has also been cleared. All of the Gasaraki sites I used to link don't exist anymore =(

04/09/09 - Songs are down
Since the host that the songs were on has closed, they're currently not working. I'll figure out something else for this soon. I also recently bought a Gasaraki film book from an Anime con, and hope to scan images from that soon!

01/07/08 - Wow, it's been 2 years
My interest in keeping Anime sites is decreasing, but I'm still going to keep this site up and continue on improving it. It might not be updated too often though.

I have done a revamp of this site since my last update. The main changes include better descriptions on information pages, higher quality scans in the image galleries, and a new layout. I haven't gotten around to rewriting the character profiles yet, although I'd like to rewatch the series again before I do that.

02/28/06 - Going through a revamp
Very sorry for not updating in a long time. I'm trying to revamp and move the site. When that's all done, the new url will be posted.

05/19/05 - Updates, it's been a while, sorry
Added the last 2 episodes of the series to the episodes section.

11/07/04 - Small fixes
Edited the Links page and fixed the broken back links in In Depth and Characters. I also edited a bit of the information in Definitions and Characters thanks to zoelee =)

09/06 - New addition to the Info section
Edited the In Depth section a bit, and added a new page called Definitions.

08/23 - Almost
Added pages in the Episodes section for Run, Personification, and Eternal. They are episodes from Volume 7 (In the Spider's Web) and Volume 8 (To Be a Kai). Just 2 more episodes to go.

08/21 - Minor in the series, major in Volume 6
Added the profile for Won in the Characters section.

08/18 - Rewatching the series...
...which is why I'm updating the Episodes section finally. New page added: In the Spider's Web, Upheaval (Volume 7, Episode 20).

. . . and the rest have been forgotten