ABOUT : everything behind Dark Abyss . . .

Below you can find information about the site, the current layout, and the webmistress.

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ABOUT : the site . . .

The first reason I made Dark Abyss was because I fell in love with the series since the first volume. The second reason is because of the lack of sites for this wonderful and intriguing series. I opened the site when I had watched up to the sixth volume of Gasaraki. I've been wanting to make a Gasaraki shrine since the second or third volume but decided to wait until I had seen more first.

The name of this site comes from the second episode, Opening Movements.
The wind sweeps across the dark abyss
While below, the sound of rushing water echoes in the distance.

This site is based on the English dubbed version of the series. I own all 8 volumes in VHS. I regret not buying the DVDs, but that's because I cannot take screenshots with the VHS. I usually watch Anime series with Japanese dialogue and English subtitles, but I think a series with a good English dub is just as enjoyable. Gasaraki is one of those series with a great English dub.

Dark Abyss was opened on Jan. 13, 2002. In January 2008, I moved it from shattered-wingsNET to hachi-rokuNET because of space problems.

ABOUT : the current layout . . .

The current layout is Version 4: The line of kai. It uses a couple stock photos from stock.xchng, and the images of Yushiro and Miharu are from the covers of Volume 7 and 8. I extracted them, and then had to draw parts of them back in because they were faded out with overlapping text. In its coding, it uses valid XHTML Transitional as well as valid CSS.

I decided to continue with the dark theme because of the site name, and I wanted something very simple. Even though the layout is very blocky, I like its overall look. If you would like to see this site's past layouts, they are archived at Distant Memory.

ABOUT : the webmistress . . .

Hello, the owner of this site is me, a girl known to the web as Cat. You can contact me at cat@twilight-realm.com, but please make sure "Dark Abyss" is somewhere in the subject.

I've been making websites for quite a while now, starting back in 1999. I now freelance in it and also work full time as a user interface designer for software. If you're interested, my full range of sites is listed at shattered-wingsNET. My love for Anime started a bit before I started webdesigning. When the first volume of Gasaraki was released, I read about the series a little and was very drawn to it. I immediately started collecting it and got each volume as soon as it was released. Even though this site sometimes goes a period of time without updates, I still strive to make this a strong Gasaraki source on the web, especially since there are so little.

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