DANCE of Gasara . . .

The Anime begins with Yushiro performing a dance. It is a very stiff dance that consists of moving around the stage while stamping the feet in a rhythmic way. The first time the dance is performed, Yushiro is seen doing it with a fan, dressed in traditional clothing, and drums being played around him. However, only the movements are necessary for this dance. In part of the dance, he stays in one spot, stamping his feet to the rhythm as waves fall from the sky, indenting circles into the ground.

This dance is actually called "The Fluttering of Gasara" which is an ancient Noh dance. Noh is a form of classic Japanese musical drama with slow and elegant dances. The Fluttering of Gasara is performed on a stone stage on a mountain owned by the Gowas. (It is also known as "The Dance of Gasara" and the stage is referred to as the "stage of stone".)

In the Gowa family, the dance is taught by the Sorachi family which has been serving the Gowas for generations. It is used to unlock a power called Gasaraki. The waves falling from the sky are concentric gravity waves which are the first step of the dance and signifies that the dance is working. During this step, the dancer is in a trance and is not supposed to be able to stop dancing on his/her own. The final step is reviving an entity called the Kugai.

However, not just anyone can learn the dance. Only kais can. They are also known as invitators and were originally called kugutsus. They are people whose mind and body are specially harmonized. Because Yushiro is a kai, he was taught the dance by Kengyou Sorachi. In the Anime, only Yushiro is shown doing the Fluttering of Gasara, but Miharu knows it too since she was able to call her Kugai in her past life.