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Fakes is what the organization, Symbol, calls their bipedal machines of war. They are also known as tactical armors to other people.

Gasaraki is like a god to kugutsu clans. It is a power that can be summoned by a kai, which is someone who's body and mind are specially harmonized. With the summoning of Gasaraki comes the birth of a monster/machine called a kugai.
- In Depth >> Gasaraki, the legends and the chosen kai

Stands for Japanese Self Defense Force. Part of this force is the tactical armor team led by Hayakawa, and Yushiro is their top pilot.
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People whose body and mind are specially harmonized. This allows them to summon the mysterious power known as Gasaraki and operate a machine known as a kugai.
- In Depth >> The Dance of Gasara
- In Depth >> Gasaraki, the legends and the chosen kai

A kugai is like a tactical armor, in that it's also a bipedal machine, except it is more closely related to a living being than a machine. It cannot move without having a kai inside of it though. It is a gift, a tool of war, from the god/power known as Gasaraki.
- In Depth >> Gasaraki, the legends and the chosen kai

Kugutsu's and kais are the same thing. They both refer to people who have specially harmonized body and minds which can summon the power, Gasaraki. Kugutsu is the original term for kai and is used to describe clans of kais ("kugutsu clans").

stage of stone
This term refers to the Gowa's stage of stone. It is a natural stone stage that they hold experiments and summon the power, Gasaraki, on.

Symbol is an organization that also uses bipedal machines of wars, known as tactical armors, although they call them Fakes. Their main research lab is located in the USA, and Miharu is their top pilot.

tactical armor
TA for short, these are bipedal machines of war with artificial muscles. In Japan, they are created and produced by Gowa industries.

viscosity zone
In the Anime, this is referred to the run-down districts in Japan where illegal immigrants live.