MAIN characters

The two main characters of Gasaraki are two teenage Tactical Armor pilots, Yushiro and Miharu.

Yushiro Gowa
Age: 17

Yushiro is the youngest of the Gowa sons and is known as the family's "test subject." To his older brothers, he is only a tool, and he knows that. They use him to perform the Dance of Gasara and as a tactical armor (TA) pilot. He is nothing but a "means to an end" for them. He is also part of Japan's Self Defense Team (JSSDF) which consists of other Tactical Armor pilots.

Yushiro is usually very quiet and withdrawn, carrying a mysterious aura around him. His team mates of the JSSDF often wonder and worry about him. His piloting abilities are exceptional, and the JSSDF has become dependent of his skill.
Age: 15

Miharu is also a tactical armor (TA) pilot except for a group called Symbol. She is like Yushiro. She is quiet; she knows she is only used as a tool; she can summon Gasaraki. Her abilities are also exceptional and is valuable to Symbol as their top TA pilot.
These two main characters are not only connected in their present life but are connected to each other in a past life. They are also both kais. To find out more and to read the in depth information on these two characters, please see the In Depth section.