PAST LIFE of Yushiro and Miharu . . .

[The memory of this past life was not fully awakened in both Yushiro and Miharu until they took the path of kai and reached the shrine of the threshold. Until then, it was Miharu who still had memories of it, but they weren't complete. Yushiro had almost no memory of it except that he knew Miharu from a time before.]

Yushiro and Miharu's past life takes place in feudal Japan as kais of the Watanabe clan. The Watanabe clan is a warrior clan of kugutsus, which are the guardians of the high court. Conflict arose within the clan between Lord Kiou and Tsuna, Miharu's older brother, when an edict was passed from the court asking the clan to give up their kugais.

Traditionally, any disputes within the clan were resolved through a dual on the threshold with the kugais. Yushiro fought for Lord Kiou, who wanted to follow the court's order, while Miharu fought for her brother, who did not want to give up their weapons.

Even though Yushiro won the dual, he didn't complete the ritual since he refused to take Miharu's head. After cutting through the belly of her kugai, her mask shattered, and he saw her face. For a reason unknown to himself, he stopped and stepped out of his kugai, violating the ceremony.

After Yushiro stopped, Tsuna killed Kiou with a shot of his bow and arrow, and then the clan went into his hands. Tsuna (now Lord Tsuna) still refused to give up their "tools of war" and planned a seige on the capital with both of their kugais.

The next morning, Lord Tsuna marched with the 2 kugais into the capital to strike them with fear. They led the actual attack that night. The warriors of the court led the 2 kugais away from the capital and into the hollow ground of the Toribino grave. Here, the 2 kais killed their attackers but stopped when they started hearing the moans of the dead.

Terrified of what they heard and saw, the summoning of Gasaraki began as concentric gravity waves fell from the sky. Scenes of innocent lives lost in the first summoning of Gasaraki became vivid in Yushiro's mind, and he got out of his kugai and stopped the waves from falling. From this, it was clear that he was the "chosen kai."

However, Tsuna wanted the summoning to continue and shot arrows at Yushiro's legs, threatening to kill him. Miharu, wanting to save Yushiro, killed her brother. The memory of this left her in a state of shock in her present life.