YUSHIRO, the real one . . .

The real Yushiro Gowa died 8 years ago.

Who and what, am I?
What you are... is a kai.

The main character of Gasaraki is not the real Yushiro Gowa. The real Yushiro Gowa died 8 years before the Anime takes place. He died in an experiment on the Gowa's stage of stone during the summoning of Gasaraki. His body is kept intact in the old storehouse by the stage of stone. Sorachi's son died in the same way, and his body is also kept in the storehouse.

The real Yushiro looks very similar to the current Yushiro except younger. The current Yushiro's purpose was to achieve what the real Yushiro couldn't, the summoning of Gasaraki and the awakening of the kugai. His earliest memories were dancing under Sorachi's instructions on the stage of stone but has no memories of his present life before that.

Although the current Yushiro may not be the real Yushiro Gowa, he is the same Yushiro that shares a past life with Miharu.

So who is the current Yushiro then? Even after the death of the real Yushiro and Sorachi's son, the Gowas still would not give up. They took Sorachi's grandson and robbed him of his memories, replacing them with the memories of their lost son.