GASARAKI, the legends and the Chosen Kai . . .

Gasaraki is like a god to the Gowas, to the Watanabe clan, and any other kugutsu clan. Through the summoning of Gasaraki comes the birth of a kugai. A kugai is a gift from Gasaraki, which is almost like a living bipedal machine that can only be operated by a kai. But, this gift comes with a price, the sacrifice of a kai (kugutsu). For each kugai, a kai's life must be sacrificed to the Gasaraki.

Legends say that the first summoning of the Gasaraki brought a firestorm. Vessels were obliterated. Whole cities were leveled. Many innocent lives were lost. Because of this and the sacrifice of a kai, the kugutsu clans tried to throw away the ceremony of the Gasaraki.

Legends also say that one day there will be kai who is able to vanquish the Gasaraki. This will give birth to a kugai, but instead of being sacrificed, this kai will be able to survive. This kai is called the "chosen kai." Yushiro showed that he was the chosen kai twice. In the first volume, he broke out of the trance and called back the concentric waves, stopping the summoning of the Gasaraki. In the fifth volume, he did the same.