GOWA family

The Gowa family is very powerful in Japan and owns Gowa industries which produces the tactical armors. They are the descedents of a clan of kugutsus (kais).

Daizaburo Gowa Daizaburo Gowa
Age: 63

Daizaburo is the head of the Gowa family and father of all 5 Gowa children. Although he seems to be using Yushiro as a tool, he does actually care for him. He is kinder compared to his wife and older sons.
Yukino Gowa Yukino Gowa
Age: 46

Yukino is Daizaburo's second wife. Her children are Yushiro and Misuzu. Because she is not the mother of Daizaburo's three oldest sons, they do not show much respect to her. Don't be fooled by the image to the left though. She is actually very cold and strict, even to her own children.
Kazukiyo Gowa Kazukiyo Gowa
Age: 32

Kazukiyo is the oldest of the Gowa children and is influential and powerful in the Japanese government. He is happy that Yushiro has accomplished all that he wished for but still only sees him as a "tool." Wanting more power, he is a threat to his father's position in the family.
Kiyotsugu Gowa Kiyotsugu Gowa
Age: 28

Second child of the Gowa family, Kiyotsugu is the brains of the family, using Yushiro as a "lab rat" in his scientific endeavors. He heads the research of the Gasaraki and is the key engineer of the Tactial Armors. He will do anything to help his research such as going against his father. He often tells Yushiro that he cares for him as his older brother, but it is questionable whether that is true or not.
Kiyoharu Gowa Kiyoharu Gowa
Age: 25

The third child of the Gowa family, Kiyoharu is nothing but a follower. He is like a right-hand man to his older brothers, especially Kazukiyo.
Misuzu Gowa Misuzu Gowa
Age: 14

Misuzu is the youngest and the only daughter of the Gowa family. She is the nicest to Yushiro and loves and cares for him dearly. She often worries about him, and they are connected in unexpected ways.
The people above are the main characters of the Gowa family. There are a few other that show up in the Anime, but they do not play much of an importance. There are two that are in the military: Takeharu Gowa (Yushiro's cousin) and Yoshitaka Gowa (Yushiro's uncle, Daizaburo's brother). The guardian of the shrine of the threshold, at the end of the path of kai, is Giichirou Gowa (also Yushiro's uncle, Daizaburo's brother).