OTHER characters

Japan's Self Defense Force (JSSDF)

This is Japan's Tactical Armor team that is led by Tamotsu Hayakawa (fourth from the right). They do not understand the workings behind Yushiro's family, but try to look after Yushiro as much as they can, and if necessary, protect him from his own family (specifically Kazukiyo). Because Yushiro's piloting skills is above all of the pilots in this team, they have grown dependent on him.

Specific members: (not all)
-Kahoru Kaburagi: (female on far left) Kaburagi always takes everything seriously. She is often rough on Yushiro although she does care for him.
Tactical Armor pilots
- Rin Ataka: (female next to Yushiro) One of her weapons is her "feminine charm," which often wins over men and can be pushy when she wants something done. She looks after Yushiro like an older sister, and maybe she wishes it were more than just friends?
- Nozomi Takayama: (fourth from the left, behind the guy in a headlock) When Hayakawa isn't around, Takayama is left in charge. He is like the nice guy of the group and tries to watch over Yushiro.
- Atsushi Kitazawa: (third from right, wearing a pilot suit) From the beginning, Kitazawa did not trust Yushiro because of the secrets that the Gowa family were keeping from the SSDF. Yushiro eventually gains his trust though.
Kei Nishida Kei Nishida

Nishida is a radical who wants to overthrow the government and turn Japan into a totalitarian state. He believes that parts of Japan are weak and that they are being corrupted by greed and avarice. His goal is to restore honor to the Japanese people. To achieve this, he has been working with Kazukiyo Gowa who is providing backing to this cause.

Not being able to stand the corruption of Japan, he blinded himself with his katana. This attempt to escape was futile. He can still see the corruption even when he's blind.
Won Won

Won is part of a guild within the viscosity zone of Japan that fights against the Chinese mafias in the turf wars. He used to be part of Symbol but was only a tool to them. He understands Yushiro's and Miharu's feelings and decides to help them out.
Kengyou Sorachi
Kengyou Sorachi, like the Gowas, is a descendant of a kugutsu (kai) clan. His family has been serving the Gowas for generations, so he acts as the instructor the kais. He teaches them the dance to summon Gasaraki. He had a son, but that son died while summoning Gasaraki.
Akihiro Hirokawa
Hirokawa works closely with both Nishida and Kazukiyo to realize Nishida's goals. He is part of the JSSDF and has influence in both the government and the armed forces. This proves useful to both Nishida and Kazukiyo.
Meth is a counsel member of the organization, Symbol. He is in charge of the experiments on Miharu.